Friday, 9 August 2013

I Both Love and Hate Not Having Regular Internet

Ok so this isn't quite the I will start updating just before I go that I promised, as I have been in Oz for over a week now, but internet (as with everything else here) is stupidly expensive!  I need to restrict my internet use and anything else that is not totally necessary in favour of being able to eat and sleep off the streets and boring stuff like that!

So what to say about Oz...erm...well for a start it isn't that hot! well when I say not that hot its still like 20 degrees but it has that kind of cold bite of winter in the air too so it feels cold.  I really never thought I would be able to describe 20 as cold but it honestly can be!

The flight over here was pretty good, with reasonable food minimal turbulence and screaming babies were restricted to about the last hour of flight, by which point I kind of felt like screaming too  so I couldn't really complain! 

I have finished my week of group activities which included enough sightseeing to make me v much like a tourist! I've seen the famous bridge and Sydney Opera House (and learned that like a third of it is apparently a bar!) We also went out of Sydney for a few days and got to pet as tame kangaroo (v cool) and get bitten and peed on by possums (not v cool)! It has been a really good week though somewhat like freshers week with absurd quantities of drinking what is known as goon (cheap and nasty wine!)

Now I need to start looking for work really, probably fruit packing but I will have to see what I can get! I hoped to go on a bit of a road trip with some of the people I have met but that won't start till the end of the week, because everyone is going away to surf camp on Monday (I decided not to spend $300+ on trying something that requires great balance and coordination, which is not my forte!).  I am staying in Sydney, but might get a bus pass and just start making my way up the East Coast in search of money and adventure before the weekend!  I shall keep you all posted!

I have found some free internet by going into a backpacking travel specialists shop, pretty soon they are going to figure out that I have no intention of buying anything, so I had better leave!

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