Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Lets Try That Again!

This is my second attempt at the blog post I started a few days ago now that I have a more reliable internet connection!  Keeping a blog was a good idea but in reality it is hard to find the time and a reliable internet connection to update it regularly!  I will try to update about once a week from now on if I can!

These pictures are mostly from the first weeks activities for the people not also following me on Facebook (hello granny and grandad!)! xxx

The group I did the first weeks activities with!

Proof I did see the Opera House and Harbour Bridge!

(sorry for the finger on this one!) We went on a walk while at beach camp, it rained a lot and we got really wet! I was part of a group that got really lost too but I think we had more fun than the group who took the correct path! look at how clear water was, beautiful!!

Josie the kangaroo at beachcamp, she was hand reared so you could pet her like a dog!

This was the triple decker train we took back from Newcastle to Sydney after beach camp (lots of places are named after places in England, there is even a Penrith, which I shall have to try visit while here)!

I have spent the last week just mooching around Sydney, seen many tourist things and drank far too much delicious coffee! Yesterday I went to an awesome museum (http://www.hht.net.au/museums/hyde_park_barracks_museum) .  Loved it, it was great to learn a little more of Sydney and its convict past! I was also particularly interested in how they presented the exhibition.  I wont bore you with the details here, but I am sure some of my museumaholic friends would be interested to see it!

I have been online quite a lot the last few days researching travel options because I was getting a bit sick of the drinking culture in Sydney as I cannot drink at the moment. Apparently the East Coast is all drink focused for backpackers, but into the centre and the west coast is not as bad! I need money to go there though, so today I fly to Cairns, with 2 other girls I have met in Sydney, where I will look for work (probably fruit packing)!

Here is a handy little map of Oz so you can find some of the places I mention, in case your australian geography is as bad as mine!

Sunday- Monday I get to spend 2 days at a rainforest and coastal camp at Cape Tribulation (not on map).  this should be awesome, the last time I got to go outside of a city, for beach camp, as part of my first weeks activities I absolutely loved it!  Sydney has been lovely but with it's huge skyscrapers and wide roads you could be anywhere.  It doesn't feel particularly Australian, whereas out of the cities you get much more of the ozzy vibe! 

At some point I also get to go scuba diving! This has had to be open dated unfortunately as thanks to the CP I need a medical before they will let me dive (booooo), but at least I will get the cost of it back on medicare (yaaay).  for the record medicare is like a free medical care program for minor medical issues.  Nobody seems able to see any major reason why they wont let me dive after I have the relevant doctors note, sop all being well I shall be scuba diving on the great barrier reef  at some point next week!!

I will keep you all posted how I get on!

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