Monday, 19 August 2013

When I go Broke It Will Be Because I Ate Too Much!

Still in Cairns! Love it, the weather is brilliant and the people are friendly, there is even a cat called Horlicks in the hostel I am staying in!

Photo: This is the weather for the week :) looking good. Need tan and even the bag strap marks on my chest from walking around the botanic gardens. Do not disturb we are on strike!!

Cairns itself looks and feels a bit like a holiday resort which I am not a massive fan of having grown up in such a touristy area (but then I suppose I AM a tourist now)!  Yet it makes up for this by being lovely, there is a path all the way along the seafront that is dotted with volleyball courts and BBQ stations and outdoor gym equipment that is all free to use! There is also this awesome outdoor pool right by the sea called the lagoon which everyone flocks to for swimming and sunbathing and such! Often there are buskers playing there too which is cool and a market on Saturday's.  There are free exercise classes there everyday (that I have yet to take advantage of)!

Everyone here seems so much more active and healthy than me, you see elderly men and women out for a run and it makes me feel as if I should do something about the fact they are all waaaaay fitter than I am!

I need to try and have a BBQ before I leave, which could be anytime because I am frantically searching for jobs before my money runs out!  I have applied for loads of jobs all over, will just have to see how it goes!

I never took the rainforest trip, I have postponed it because I wasnt well the day I was supposed to go. That's OK though, my ticket is valid for a year, so along with the diving its something I have already paid for that I can look forward too!

I will leave you with this, I found it on the internet and it made me giggle :) definitely some truth in it!!

Photo: Hilarious and slightly true.

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